About Us

Chatterley Manor is a beautiful country retreat, only 15 minutes from Christchurch City, where we have tried to create a feeling of love and belonging. One of mystique and romance, set amidst beautiful gardens and woodland areas.


We have rose-covered archways throughout the gardens, pathways meandering around the entire gardens, surrounded by lavender borders. Complete the circuit by wandering through our 60 metre fernery, filled with little folk. We have created special places to sit and dream.


So come out and see us, feel special and looked after. Let the romance of Chatterley Manor be your very own country retreat for the day, night or weekend.

The Love Story

As a young woman, I fell in Love with the story of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Shunned by the man she loved and cared for - her paralysed husband - the young Lady Chatterley was drawn into an intimate relationship with Millers the game keeper of the Manor.

She loved him for who he was, unreservedly and without class distinction. And with Millers she found the joy of deep love and affection that each one of us is looking for.


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